A Major Shareholder at Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX) is Buying Shares

Today, a Major Shareholder at Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), Osmium Partners, Llc, bought shares of INTX for $82.42k.

Osmium Partners, Llc increased his holding by 1.26%. In addition to Osmium Partners, Llc, one other INTX executive reported Buy trades in the last month.

The company has a one year high of $4.43 and a one year low of $1.90. Currently, Intersections has an average volume of 56.56k.

Looking at blogger coverage of INTX, there is a 100% Bullish tendency on the stock, in relation to a 68% average bullish tendency within the Service sector.

Over the last 3 months, the insider sentiment on Intersections has been negative based on 42 corporate insider transactions. This sentiment is equal to the average sector sentiment of insiders.

Intersections Inc provides subscription based consumer protection services that help consumers understand and monitor their credit profiles and other personal information and protect themselves against identity theft or fraud.